It’s easy to earn rewards every time you stay with us at qualifying hotels.


Guest Loyalty Program

Rewards Member Highlights


Easy Enrollment

After your next qualifying visit to a Seaboard Hotel, you will be eligible for our Guest Loyalty Program (GLP) and receive a welcome email instructing you to visit SeaboardHotels.com/rewards and fill out our simple application.

Simple Way to Earn Rewards Points

  • For every eligible U.S. dollar spent on stays at any Seaboard Hotel, you will earn 10 points. Points will only accrue on stays booked directly with the hotel, in person, or on a Seaboard Hotels proprietary website. See terms and conditions for details.
  • Points are combined in your account for all your Seaboard Hotels stays.

Using Rewards Points

  • Earn points for free room nights (blackout dates may apply).
  • Redeem points for room upgrades.
  • Combine Points & Pay for a stay (1,500 points = $10 value).
  • Earn percent off discounts for future stays.

Bonus Rewards Points

  • Earn Bonus Points for off season stays.
  • Participate in special promotions for added points.



Earn 10 points per every dollar spent toward free room nights and upgrades.


    Earn 25,000 points in one year and get 5% off every future stay (next 365 days).


    Earn 35,000 points in one year and get 7% off every future stay (next 365 days).


    Earn 50,000 points in one year and get 10% off every future stay (next 365 days).


        By earning the points needed to qualify for elite status within the GLP, you will earn points for complimentary stays and upgrades. Earning above 25,000 points in a given year also qualifies you for the corresponding percent-off discount for future stays.

        Your program status (Crew, Commander, Captain, Admiral) is determined year-to-year, based on points earned in each 365 days that you are enrolled in the program. As an example, if you sign up for GLP on June 1st, your GLP status will be determined from the dollars spent from that stay, through June 1st of the next year. If, for example, during that time you have accumulated 40,000 points, you will qualify for CAPTAINS CLASS and all eligible benefits therein.


          Points accumulation

          You will begin accumulating points immediately during your first stay and signing up for GLP. Your points can continue to grow and be banked in perpetuity as long as your status within SLP remains active.

          After two (2) years of inactivity (730 days), your account will become stagnant and be canceled. When cancellation occurs, all points in the account are forfeited. Under no circumstances will points and status be reactivated after they have expired.


            Types of Rewards

             A “Complimentary Night(s) Reward” offers Members the opportunity to have the room rate waived for a night or night’s stay (depending on available points) at a participating hotel.

             A “Room Upgrade Reward” offers Members the opportunity to upgrade a room reserved by the PM to a different type or category of room. Upgrades are based on availability.

            Complimentary Night Rewards and Room Upgrade Rewards are available to PMs who earn a specified number of points or have earned benefits in the Program as part of a related promotional offer from Seaboard Hotels.

             “Points & Pay Reward” offers the PM the opportunity to combine points and a monetary payment for a stay at a Seaboard Hotel. 1,500 points = $10


            Complimentary Night Rewards

            In-Season (June 1 – September 5)* & September Weekends (Fridays & Saturdays) & Some Special Events & Holidays

            • Complimentary Choice Room: 40,000 points
            • Complimentary Deluxe Room: 45,000 points
            • Complimentary Premium Room: 55,000 points

            Shoulder Season (September 6 – October 30 & April 1 – May 30)* Excludes Weekends (Friday & Saturdays)

            • Complimentary Choice Room: 25,000 points
            • Complimentary Deluxe Room: 30,000 points
            • Complimentary Premium Room: 40,000 points

            Off-Season ( November 1 – March 31)*

            • Complimentary Choice Room: 15,000 points
            • Complimentary Deluxe Room: 20,000 points
            • Complimentary Premium Room: 25,000 points

            Room Upgrade Rewards (per night) – All upgrades are based on availability

            • Upgrade from Choice Room to Deluxe Room in any season: 5,000 points
            • Upgrade from Choice Room to Premium Room in any season: 7,500 points
            • Upgrade from Choice Room to Suite or Specialty Room in any season: 15,000 points

            Points & Pay Rewards

            You can apply available points to any reservation and just make up the balance with a cash or credit card payment. Every 150 points is worth one US dollar. A MINIMUM of 5,000 point per transaction is required.

            Dates are approximate. Contact the hotel to determine actual dates that determine the season for the present year.

            Please download our Terms & Conditions for more information.